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Moulds, Some of the Moulds manufactured in our Firm

  • blow mould 1

    blow mould 2
  • blow mould 3

    blow mould 4
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    blow mould 6
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    blow mould 8

Blow Mould Products, diverse product requirements

Salvani Mould Industries is known for its high quality in mould manufacturing. It has continuously proven to be a reliable mould making industry specializing in the manufacturing and supply of products to the following industries:

  • Consumer Packaging- Personal Care, Toileteries, Cosmetics.

  • Lube Packaging

  • Edible oil Packaging

  • Pharma Packaging

  • Chemical Packaging

We have the capacity to make blow moulds from 50 ml to 200 litres.

Injection Mould Products, diverse product requirements

Our products are being supplied in various sectors throughout India. Some of these sectors are food & dairy, automative, household, chemical, beauty etc.

Below are pictures of some of the products whose moulds have been manufactured in our firm.